Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ta Prohm - The Angkor Experience

It used to be sacred place, a place of ceremony, a place where artisans show off their skillful dances. The pass glory has transformed into today's rumble of falling stones. Visitors can only take a peek into the great performances by the artisans by looking at the fading carving at the walls.

The monks are long gone, but the religious teaching remains. What can be a better example than Ta Prohm itself to tell the visitors nothing is permanent in this world? This once splendid temple has been reduced to piles of moss-covers broken stones. Who could have imagined such a great monument will ever fall? Just like nobody had ever imagined Titanic would sink!

Just like life is full of ups and downs, Ta Prohm has fallen for hundreds of years, then in 2001, it shot back to international fame for being the location where the final scenes of Tomb Raider the movie was shot. The scene of temple ruins interwined with the trees and the forest has been deeply planted into the mind of thousands of movie goers.

Life is full of ups and downs, so when you are down, don't be too upset, because your up days have not come yet...

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