Monday, February 16, 2009

AMK Hub Fried Prawn Noodle

There is popular fried prawn noodle stall at AMK Hub food court. Newspaper/magazine cuttings displayed on their wall to show how famous they are. Obviously, they have been recommended by almost all the local newspapers, be it in English or Chinese, from the more serious ones to tabloids.

Their way of cooking the noodle is quite different. Usually, the cook will prepare the noodles in small portion, customer to customer. At this stall, they cook a large quantity of noodles at one go, using a big iron wok. Haha... people say big iron wok has more wok 'air'. :)

They cook with a big iron wok

The fried prawn noodle is juicy & creamy. The sweetness of the bean sprouts are absorbed into the noodles, both the yellow noodle and the white rice noodle. You should definitely try their chilli sauce. The sauce is not too spicy, but it has this special taste that I don't know how to describe. Guess it must be their secret recipe.

Ok, one thing I don't like though, is the prawns. The prawns they use are not really that fresh. The flesh sticks to the shell sometimes. And a common problem of the Singapore way of preparing prawns is that they don't remove the veins, neither do they raise the prawns in clear water for a few days to let the prawns get rid of the mud in their body. If you don't make a conscious effect to remove the veins yourself, you are basically eating mud. That's the turn off thing for me.

Overall, the taste of noodle is not bad, as long as you leave the prawns alone. :)

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