Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JB Food Experience

How can one go to JB without enjoying some good and cheap food? We did a little bit of food hunt as well.

Breakfast at OldTown Cafe at City Square. I ordered the ice-fire bun. I was wondering what it means by ice-fire? Would fire dancing atop ice cubes? When the food was delivered, alama, it was just a bun with butter sandwiched. Our explanation is that the bun is hot, so it is the FIRE; the butter is cold, so obviously it is the ICE! Nice name, but lousy stuff. Big thumbs down! For coffee, I orderd Nanyang Memory white coffee. Oh, it was very strong. Its strength does not come right away, but it will 'release' its energy slowly.

Ice-Fire Bun from OldTown Cafe

Our lunch was a coffee tucked in somewhere in Taman Johor Jaya. We ordered some rice noodles, and Hokkien noodle. All noodels, hungry for noodles, hahah.... Well, the taste was quite ordinary, not worth a special mention.
After lunch, we enjoyed a bowl of Chendol as dessert at a road side store. Well, the chendol was not bad.

Road-side Chendol

Dinner was at a back alley that I will never ever go on my own. My friends brought me there for an experience.

The Food Back Alley

We ordered the samba stingray for RM20.00. Take a look at our stingray below, the portion is big. You can't get this for S$10. In terms of taste, it was good. The fish was tender. It kind of melts in your mouth. It is mouth-watering by just thinking about it.

Then I ordered a bowl of rice noodle with fish. Alama, it turned out to be a bad choice. The taste was not really bad. It has this special sour taste that you can't find in other such noodles in Singapore. No, it is not rotten food, the sour taste is that kind of sour that you will find in Thai Tom Yam Kung. Other than that special, nothing is worth mentioning, even not worth that RM6.00 I paid for this small bowl of noodle.

Sounds like JB does not have lots of good food hor. I guess you really need to be a 'hunter' to go to those popular good food haunts. In addition, Malaysians' taste is also a bit from Singaporeans, a different understanding of standard of hygiene too. Another common problem is once a stall/store becomes famous, the standard drops off the cliff. Good food becomes bad food.

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  1. share some food uting links with you, though those threads older 3mths are no longer accessible. :(