Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? In the animal world, the primary purpose of life is no doubt to ensure the survival of the species. Once that mission is accomplished, your value drops to zero. That's why you see in the insect world, some males will be eaten by the females after they mate, as the male has no more value to the species anymore.

How about humans? Of course the primary purpose is to ensure the survival of the species too! What do you think the reason behind all that 'pro-family' policies advocated by many governments around the world. Without enough young people, the survival of the nation will be at risk!

Well, other than that, the remaining purpose of life is just to experience life. Try that food you have always wanted to try but never, go to that place you have dreamt since a young kid. The list is endless. As I grow up, I realise that some of my dreams will never come true. Not because I won't be able to afford it in my life time, but because the opportunity is gone forever. Anita Mui is my teenager time goddess, I had always wanted to attend one of her live concerts. I did have the opportunity, but then I never thought that was something urgent. Now, she is gone. I will never be able to attend her live concert, no matter how much I am willing to pay.

I still remember vaguely a conversation in Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York. Kevin said to the lonely lady in Central park, he used to keep his pair of new shoes and seldom wore them. Then one day, when he wanted to wear that pair of shoes, they were too small for him to wear. See, if you have something now but you don't use it, it may become totally useless to you later.

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