Sunday, February 15, 2009

Travel from Hongkong Airport to Guangzhou

For my last trip home, I took a flight to Hongkong, instead of a direct flight home. It is quite convenient to travel from Hongkong Airport to Guangzhou directly.

There are 3 coach companies offering coach service from the airport to various parts of Guangzhou. I personally have tried two, one is Wing Tung (永东), another is CTS (China Travel Service). They use a Hongkong coach to fetch you from the airport to Luo Ma Chow border crossing point. After you pass the Hongkong immigration and mainland China immigration, you will be a mainland Chinese coach all the way to your destination in Guangzhou City.

The coaches leave Hongkong airport once every 10-20 mins, quite frequent. You don't have to wait for too long. The coaches are not bad in general. There is an on-board toilet for you to relief yourself, and a water machine to provide drinking water.

Now it comes to the tricky part, which is the price. When you enquire, they will quote you a price of RMB250.00. As you hesitate or bargain, they will lower it to RMB200.00 immediately, and that's the price I paid for my ticket. Then later I realised in fact I can actually get it to as low as RMB150.00 for the trip! Please do learn my lesson!

I heard there is one more way to get to Guangzhou from Hongkong airport. Also by coach, but you don't have to get through the immigration at Luo Ma Chow. The price is higher at RMB230. But I couldn't get more details about that service.


  1. My usual route from HK airport to Guangzhou is:
    1. take Bus A43 from the airport to Sheung Shui (上水) railway station (which is one stop away from Lo Wo). It takes about 40 mins. There is only one stop in between. 29.2HKD
    2. Take KCR from Sheung Shui to Lo Wo (罗湖). 13~14HKD
    3. Go through the custom at Luo Hu, take the train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou Dong station. 75RMB
    4. Take Metro from Guangzhou Dong to destination.

    It may not be the fastest way because you have to buy a train ticket in Shenzhen and some waiting time there (most likely less than half an hour). But it's a rather smooth journey and probably the cheapest. Another trade off is, there is a little walking distance from Luo Hu custom to Shenzhen train station, if you have lots of luggages and it's difficult to carry/drag/roll all of them at the same time, it may not be so pleasant.

  2. Sounds like a good alternative when you don't have too much luggage and during an off peak period. Thanks for the info! Btw, there is no more KCR. It has merged with MTR :)