Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shocked Rejections at 123RF

I got a shock this morning when I logged in to my 123RF account. 5 out of 11 photos have been rejected. All of them have been rejected for the same reason:

Incomplete or No Release:This image requires you to provide and attach the proper model or property releases. To resubmit the image for review, please start attaching the releases to it.

Similar photos have been accepted just a month or two ago, and now all of a sudden I am asked to upload a release! Is this a policy change? If yes, then the change should be communicated to the contributors earlier. Or is it just a new reivewer coming onboard and exercising his/her new found authority? I don't know. Looking at 123RF's forum, some other contributors seem to have encountered the same problem, but no replies to their questions.

Below are the 5 rejected photos of mine.

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