Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red Cliff 2 赤壁(下)

Finally finished watching the movie Red Cliff 2. It is a modern interpretation of a story based on a novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The novel itself is about 70% true to history, 30% fictitious. As the story has quite a high percentage of fictitious elements, the direct John Woo, decided to take the liberty to change the story to his own liking. OMG, the most famous plot in the original Red Cliff is Zhou Yu spanking his most loyal general Huang Gai to deceive the enemy, and that leads to the success of the battle. Because now we have a super model Ms Lin Zi-ling in the cast too, so the story is changed that Zhou Yu's wife, Xiao Qiao (starring Lin Zi-ling) deceived the enemy, Cao Cao, to help win the battle.

The ending of the movie is even more ridiculous. Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhou Yu, Sun Quan all surrounded Cao Cao, but Zhou Yu let Cao Cao go. Haha, very good, the only happy person may be Guan Yu. He finally gets rid of the blame of letting Cao Cao escape.

The fighting scenes, especially the fire attack part is not bad, looks grand, but other than that, nothing much interesting.

My rating: 2.5/5.

Watch it if you have nothing better to do :P

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  1. I totally agree. But too bad, I've just watched it on Friday. I kinda wish i had never read Romance of the Three Kingdoms and knew nothing about Chinese history, so that i probably wouldn't have all these disappointments...