Sunday, March 1, 2009

Merlion Struck by Lighting

The icon of Singapore, the Merlion statue at Singapore river, was struck by lighting yesterday between 4-5pm. The statue is damaged with a football-sized hole in it.

Alama, bad omen. The last time the pump in the Merlion malfunctioned and then we got tech bubble burst & 9.11. After that, they moved the Merlion statue from the bad Fengshui location to its current location for better luck, then we got SARS! Now we got a lighting strike, don't know what we are going to get this time. Anyway, whatever will come will come.

The only concern I have is why there is no lighting protection facility installed for the Merlion statue? It is a hot tourist spot, if anything happens, it may cause serious consequences to the tourists flocking to the Merlion, ie. public safety is in danger!

You can read the more detailed report on the lighting strike here.

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