Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are you Self-Sabotaging?

According to Dr. Van Tharp, if you have one of the following symptoms, you probably have a major problem with self-sabotage.

1. You keep buying things instead of cutting expensese, even though those things have nothing to do with maintaining your lifestyle

2. You develop a plan and adopt several workable strategies, but you cannot follow them.

3. You cannot seem to control one particular emotion that repeats over and over again.

4. You repeat the same mistake over and over again.

5. You persist in doing things that you know are not in your best interest.

6. You feel numb to your feelings and believe that you neer get emotional

7. You don't do the preparation that you need to do well even though you know that it is important.

8. You keep procrastinating on the action steps

9. You want financial freedom, but you don't seem committed to it.

10. You have very little joy in your life.

11. You feel depressed.

12. You feel glued to the negative news on TV.

13. You watch TV for 3 hours or more each day.

14. You feel insecure. You worry that everything will crash around you.

15. You experience internal conflict. Part of you knows what you should do, but another part of you pulls in another direction.

16. You don't feel worthwhile.

17. You are a perfectionist, but you never seem to get things right.

18. You have to be right all the time.

19. You hate one or both of your parents (a major symptom of self-sabotage).

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