Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earth Hour - 8.30pm, 28 March

Saw a poster about Earth Hour, asking people to switch off their lights for an hour starting at 8.30pm, 28 March.

I still support this movement, although it is mostly symbolic, without any substance. The amount of energy saved by switching off the light for an hour will not be too significant. If people are serious in saving energy, then they should do it everyday, on everything in their daily life.

Just look around where you live, do you see all those lights shining bright like sunshine from 7pm to 7am in our HDB blocks? Is it good? Of course it is good. People who come home late will never worry about walking in the dark. Is it energy efficent? Of course no. Can we do something to save some energy? Yes! But the will to do so? Mmmmh.... In doubt.

If you are serious about saving life, then you should never have excesses, which is quite on the opposite of stimulating economy. Just walk around the food court or hawker center you frequent, how much left-over food do you see? Our ladies are so health conscious that half of the rice in their plates are left. In the older days, people used left-over food to feed pigs, hens & roosters, but now what do they do with the left-over food? Rubbish bin. Everyday there is so much wastage of precious produces from our Mother Earth.

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