Saturday, March 21, 2009

Home Team Strong Man Challenge 2009

Home Team Strongest Man Challenge 2009 is a body-building contest, which forms part of a Ministry of Home Affairs road show. As it is only one of the programs in the show, the scale is smaller than Muscle & Fitness War 2009, organized by NUS. There are only about a total of 12 or so contestants, divided into two groups. One group is the home team from MHA, while the other group is the so-called invitation group. I did see some faces from Muscle & Fitness War 2009 appearing in this event too. No surprise thought, Singapore is a small country.

Another draw back for this body-building contest to be part of a bigger event is that you have to make some comprise. As there are other home team programs such as a contest to pull a car, so the stage has to be able to accommodate such events. As a result, they block out the entire area directly in front of the stage, all the audiences have to watch from the side.

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