Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour is Today!

In 2.5 hours time, Earth Hour will arrive in Singapore. During this Earth Hour, you are supposed to switch off ALL your electrical appliances, including your handphone, your internet router, your computer, your ipod/mp3 player, basically everything that needs electricity, be it in battery form or power main form.

I wonder, if we really follow the rules strictly, what can we do during that Earth Hour? Going to the park for a one hour jog? Will it still be safe to jog in the dark? I assume the street lights should be turned off as well :)

You can't and should not escape to the shopping centres, as they are the biggest carbon emission contributors by having the air conditioning on all the time.

Or go to the beach to enjoy a candle light picnic with your family? That sounds like a good idea, but then a bit too far away for me to go to any beach. And Singapore's beaches will have lights lah....

What will you do during the Earth Hour?

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