Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Trip to Kluang - Part II

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Kluang Railway Station Cafe

The prime reason we went to Kluang is to try the food at Kluang Railway Station Cafe. How can we give it a miss then? We arrived at around 11am, yet the cafe was still packed with people, most of them Malays with families.

We ordered Nasi Lemak, Roti Bun, Kopi Susu and some green stuff which I don't know the name.

The Kopi Susu is not the ordinary coffee, it is very strong in AFTER taste. When the coffee first went into my mouth, I didn't feel much, but after it went down, then I felt something strong going up my spine and then all the way to the top of my head. And then I felt a bit dizzy, sleepy for the rest of the day. Oh, don't worry, that's my normal reaction to strong coffee. The only other time that I got such a strong coffee was when I was back in Milan the other time. However, this Kluang roasted coffee does not have much aroma smell, a pity.

The way food is being served in the Railway Cafe is very much based on trust. For example, we ordered Nasi Lemak. The waiter just put a few packets of Nasi Lemak on a plate and then put it on our table. We can eat as much as we want, then later on when we pay, we just tell them how many packets we have eaten.

Do you see how small in size their Nasi Lemak is? One packet is just for 3-4 mouthful. Two peanuts, around 5 ikan bilis. The chilli sauce is not bad, but quite common to me.

What I like most is their Roti Bun. The secret is in their Kaya. It is sweet and smooth, combined with the softness of butter, and the crispiness of the bun, it is just a perfect combination.

We also ordered this green stuff which I know no name. Basically it is the sticky kind of rice wrapped in banana leaves. In the rice, the filling is coconut with some yellow ginger (?), not too sure. Maybe when it was served to us, it was already cold, so the taste was not that fantastic.

There are two Kluang Railway Cafe shops. One, of course, is at Kluang Railway station itself. It is also the original shop. The cafe itself is just two small wooden sheds. The other cafe is in Kluang town centre. The shop space is much bigger & cleaner. If you don't want to fight with the crowd at the railway station itself, you can go to the one in town. I have not tried the food there, so I can't really comment.

Tomorrow, I will write about other food found in Kluang. Stay tuned...

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