Friday, March 27, 2009

SMRT New Info System

I noticed in some of the SMRT trains, a new info system has been installed. The old system only shows you a static MRT map, but you will have no clue which station or direction you are heading, neither do you know which side the doors will open.

The new system now has LED light-up to show you the direction the train is traveling, the station it is approaching, the stations that the train has passed. There are two additional indicators to inform the passengers which side the doors are opening.

The new info system is much more passenger friendly, especially to people who are not familiar with Singapore's MRT system. Definitely it is a great improvement. However, it is only available in some trains, but not to all the trains yet. I hope they will roll out this new system to all the trains soon.

Well, but then just a reminder, similar systems have been available in Guangzhou's, Hong Kong's, as well as Shenzhen's metro for quite a number of years. We are not leading, we are just catching up with others, so don't boost :)

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