Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Rape of Nanking

A movie documentary of the Rape of Nanking is said to be very popular these days. Just watched it, nothing really new. It supplied lots of old photographs and footage related to the Rape of Nanking, however, none is crystally clear that the photo or footage is taken during the Rape of Nanking. And many of them are old photos, old photos means the same photos have appeared in different media numerous times. There is no new discoveries.

That aside, what the documentary portraits is nothing than a living hell. People living in the current peace time will never be able to imagine such inhumane actions would be taken so lightly in war time. Humans had been reduced back to barbarians. War crime is shocking!!!

In addition, this documentary explicitely points to the Japanese Imperial family for their direct involvement in the war crime, especially Emperor Hirohito and his uncle. The documentary accuses Emperor Hirohito being the mastermind behind the instructions/directives of the Japanese invasion and the inhuman treatment of POWs and Chinese civilians.

Every Chinese should watch this documentary, to remind us that if we don't have a strong defence force, that is what you will get in times of war. Under the current financial crisis, and the wealth of the new China, it can't be ruled out that again someone is eyeing China, even at the risk of starting a war, to grap the wealth. And don't forget that the last Great Drepression only ended with a war, prior to that, all the so-called economic policies to save the economy actually failed.

Time to ponder...

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