Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for TFCD Models

TFCD stands for Time for CD. Basically it means the photographer and the model will dedicate some time for a shoot. At the end, both the photographer and the model will get some nice photos for their personal keeps, or portfolio, or whatever.

I see TFCD as a win-win deal for both parties. It is in particular useful for model wannabe to build up their portfolio without spending too much money. A properly done model portfolio may cost quite a couple of hundreds dollars even here in Singapore.

For the photographer, it is good opportunity to try out new techniques, new ideas, even a new genre of photography, a new style.

And here I am looking for TFCD models. Gendre does not matter, guys or girls, both are welcome. If you are a couple, boyfriend/girlfriend, or soon-to-be-wedded, you are even more welcome.

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