Thursday, March 26, 2009

SMRT Citibank credit is not Citibank Credit Card?

Some time ago, I made a purchase at Timberland Centre Point. They were having a storewide discount of 15%, and additional 10% if pay by Citibank credit cards. I happily paid by my Citibank SMRT card, as the cashier had been very nice to remind me that Citibank cards were eligible for additional discounts. But, when the cashier swiped my card, nothing happened, no additional discount. I was puzzled, but didn't ask further.

Then today, I received a promotion pamplet from Citibank for Calvin Klein jeans promotions with certain discounts. I looked carefully at the four cards listed under the 'Official card' list, my SMRT card is not there. It seems like SMRT card is a cheapo card and it does not have the same previllages of other Citibank cards.

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