Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Japanese Part-time Pay

This is an advertisement I saw at a shop in Japan. Basically it is looking for part-timers, the pay is also indicated in the ad. The hourly rate is 1000 yen; for high school students, the hourly rate is 950 yen. Minimum 3 hours per day.

Well, by part-time standard, it is really not too bad. In Singapore, the part-time is more like S$3.50 to S$10.00 per hour (more on the S$3.50 end than the S$10.00 end). 1000 yen is about S$12, which is much higher. By Japanese standard, it is still some good money to be made, especially for a student who just need some pocket money. No wonder Japanese youngsters can afford some funky, trendy stuff.

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