Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

At first, I had no intention of watching this movie, as it is a movie about the life of people living in the Mumbai slums. I don't like such movies much, as they are depressing, I always feel very upset after watch such movies.

Then I can't resist my friend's persuasion, I watched it. Actually it is pretty good. I don't feel depressed at all. People living in the slums, they have their worries, hardship, but they also have their way of finding happiness, their way of surviving the hardship. Look back at our own life, it is about the same. We just worry as much as they do, and we experience the same kind of emotions. The only difference may be their living environment is worst, they live in a slum! Our city, to a certain sense, is nothing more than a 'clean' slum :P

The story is interesting, the acting is natural. You don't feel the actors/actresses are actually 'acting', like what you see in all those MediaCorp CMI TV series. There is no self-righteous judgements or criticism. Oh, yes, they did portrait a bit of the stupidity of American & Asian tourists to India :)

This movie is all about India, but you can tell it is not an Indian movie by the distinct difference in that there is no Indian dancing and singing scenes, like what you see in a typical Indian movie.

My rating: 4.5/5

Watch it if you can. Nice movie.

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