Sunday, March 8, 2009

JB Wedding Fair Show

Went over to JB City Square to watch the 'Love Desire - Wedding Fair' bridal show. The 8 biggest bridal shops in Johor each designed three sets of bridal gowns, night gowns for the show today.

I think bridal shows should be the most enjoyable event for people in love. Girls like to wear beautiful clothes, guys like to watch beautiful girls. Bridal shows have both. Girls will focus on the gowns, guys will focus on the models.

JB, the third largest city of Malaysia, is still not an international city, the quality of the design I think is just so-so. All those paraded gowns are not too bad, but they don't look unique, stylish, nor do they make people feel dreamy, fairy-tale like. Somehow it has a bit of kampong feel :P

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