Friday, March 20, 2009

OldTown White Coffee

I frequently see OldTown White Coffee chain stores in Malaysia. I always wonder: What is old town? What is white coffee? In a previous entry, I have found my answer to white coffee, so in this entry, I will try to find the answer for OldTown.

What else will be better than starting my search from OldTown White Coffee's own web page? There page here gives you a glimpse of the meaning of OldTown. Ok, it is a bit stupid, OldTown is the 'name' of an old town in Ipoh, Perak State, Malaysia.

It is said that in OldTown, the pace is slow, even the birds don't fly, instead, they walk. OMG, I get worried about those birds :P In the past, I only know that Ipoh is famous for producing oriental beauties, I didn't know Ipoh also produces white coffee. Now I am getting very tempted to pay Ipoh a visit, to experience the good feeling.

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