Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Trip to Kluang - Part III

OldTaste Cafe

Last time I tried OldTown Cafe, which was just so, this time in Kluang, I tried the OldTaste Cafe at Kluang Mall.

Fried rice with fried chicken drum stick was what I ordered. Didn't expect much actually, especially the fried chicken drum stick. Usually fried drum sticks are very dry and taste like chewing rubber. However, the OldTaste fried drum stick gave me a positive surprise. The outside is crispy, yet the inside is still juicy and tender. The essence of the chicken drum stick has been skillfully preserved under the crispy cast.

They also use minced shrimp shells in their fried rice. The shrimp shells gives the rice a special frangance. The rice is soft yet delicious.

I must say I quite like the food at OldTaste. It gives people a feel of the old & dreamy colonial days of Nanyang, a name referring to South East Asia in Chinese. The calm and peace of enjoying a cup of local Nanyang white coffee in a hot, dizzy Sunday afternoon.

Oh, here I must make a special mention of 'white coffee'. You will see this term bumping up almost everywhere in Malaysia. 'White Coffee' in Malaysia means coffee produced roasting the beans with magarine. White coffee is quite a hit in Malaysia. Many people like white coffee. White coffee powder is also readily available everywhere. A packet of white coffee only costs you RM6.00 at Kluang Railway Station.

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