Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breaking Down

My Dell Axim x51v PDA is breaking down bit by bit, day by day. First, the WiFi stopped working, without informing me. In terms of value for money, it is really not worth the S$600 I paid for this PDA. I only used the WiFi for a couple of times, and then now it just refused to work, and goes on permanent holidays.

Then the Adobe reader on the PDA, seeing that the WiFi can stop working, stopped to work too. I uninstalled the software, installed it again, but then it just refuses to open any PDF file for me.

I only used this PDA for about 3 years plus, and then now it has turned itself into an expensive piece of paper weight. Or the only use is it will act as my personal entertainment device when I take those cheap budget flights.

Times have changed, and electronic gadgets also change. The morale of the story is that when you get a piece of new electronics, make sure you use it to its full capacity, to get back every single dollar's value from the electronic gadget, before that piece of once expensive gadget become a piece of expensive paper weight.

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