Friday, March 6, 2009


Endurance, I always wonder how do people handle unfairness in the work place. Let's say if you are assigned to a low priority department or project. From the start, you know as you are assigned to a low priority project, now matter how you try, the best you can get is just average performance, even if you make a great success in that project. The projection of the project itself has already decided that the best amount of money it can bring in is only so much. Nothing you do will make any change, unless you can change the total value of the market in the whole world.

How do you deal with unfairness such as unfair resource allocation? Unfairness in support? All these unfairness should not be stranger to many, these unfairness is happening in almost every work place. What I want to know is how people actually deal with it, and continue to work happily, living with the unfairness.

I am always very lousy when it comes to deal with such unfairness.

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